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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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i have brilliantly used those laws. >> here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> and a soldier's story. trump's comments about ptsd drawing a furious response from joe biden. >> when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over. you're strong and you can handle it. a lot of people can't handle it. >> i don't think he was trying to be mean. he's just so thoroughly, completely uninformed. he just doesn't get it. he has no interest in finding out. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell live at longwood university in
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farmville, virginia. where home state senator tim kaine, local favorite, and indiana governor mike pence have competing strategies headed into tonight's big debate. pence is trying to assure nervous republicans about mike pence. kasie hunt, nbc's kelly o'donnell and nbc's kristen welker in pennsylvania covering the clinton campaign today. first to you, kasie hunt. this debate, the running mates, the second bananas, whatever you call them. the number twos. not a stellar event. they are two of the most controversial candidates in recent american history. they have a big challenge tonight. >> they do. under scoring the importance of this hillary clinton sent her top team to get tim kaine ready for the debate to make sure he's
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ready to have her policy positions at hand. of course mike pence has been having to defend donald trump at every turn on the campaign trail. for him the stakes are whether he can do that without creating a highlight reel that potentially got on the line for the best of his career could follow him. it's interesting. this is in many ways what we thought a conventional race might look like, mike pence and tim kaine. obviously different from the top of the ticket. >> these vice presidential candidates have to study all of the positions of the presidential candidate and also the vice presidential candidate. mike pence for tim kaine is someone with a long record. the same goes for tim kaine. tim kaine for governor and a record as senator. >> the advantage they have unlike trump who is new to politics is pence and kaine learned over time a lot of
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issues. knowing the positions of the running mates, figuring out a strategy is homework as well. people will see a way to look at a traditional set of public officials in a very untraditional year. both kaine and pence know how the political has done it. representing their views. they do differ. each tries to sell part of the ticket. that will be part of what comes out tonight. don't expect it to be all that mild. they will be vigorous advocates for their running mates. mike pence has been preparing to be aggressive. not his normal speed. something he's able to do. not a typical attack dog but capable of that. he's been sparring with governor scott walker of wisconsin to get ready. on the democratic side tim kaine is working with bob barnett, d.c. superlawyer. they have been working on how best to represent the clinton
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positions and each one can bring, in some ways, nice attributes from their own character to the running mates to fill in spaces that maybe voters see holes in what the top of the ticket brings. we know this doesn't necessarily change voters' minds. it is an introduction to the two long-time public servants who don't have big name recognition outside their home states. andrea? >> to kristen welker on the main line outside of philadelphia those five counties are critical for hillary clinton to hold the firewall of pennsylvania. 45, 41 in the latest quinnipiac poll. it is not a big margin for her. not in a big hole. >> reporter: she's not. >> she's going to harrisburg and
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philly. she'll be around the state today. >> reporter: she is. look, as you point out this is her firewall. you are going to see secretary clinton and her surrogates campaigning vigorously in this state. right now she's in delaware county. as you point out, one of the critical suburbs of philadelphia. it is all about the turn out and what happens in these counties. today she'll focus on energizing women voters. she'll be joined by chelsea and actress elizabeth banks. they will about issues including family leave -- paid family leave, medical leave. issues that matter to mothers, women, families in general. of course the women in these philadelphia suburbs are critical to determining who wins them. she's really teeing up the debate tonight in a way putting the focus on this critical voting bloc. of course they are hoping as you have been talking about that tim kaine goes after mike pence on some of the controversial comments donald trump made about
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women in recent days and throughout his campaign, andrea. >> she's had a number of celebrities. she's got elizabeth banks who took the stage behind you and chelsea clinton as well helping out her mom today. all of the surrogates in play. kasie hunt, donald trump, meanwhile, last night in colorado was embracing, owning the tax write-off which has been so controversial since the "new york times" revealed it. this is part of what he had to say. basically saying that this proves how smart he is and what a great businessman he is. >> as a businessman and real estate developer, i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my company. my investors and my employees. i mean, honestly. i have brilliantly used those laws. the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable.
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it is something i have been talking about for a long time despite frankly being a big beneficiary of the laws. i'm working for you now. i'm not working for trump. >> you will hear tim kaine going after this hammer and tongs tonight. >> that's right. there is a pretty easy pushback from the clinton campaign on this. okay, this is an example of how great, smart and brilliant you are, release all of them and provide further evidence that this is the case. this is something the clinton campaign has focused on from the beginning. every time there are questions about an element of her being transparent, e-mails, things like that, they will say why aren't there more questions about the tax returns? we are getting a glimpse as to why and pence put out his tax returns in contrast to donald trump. so i'm interested to see how tim kaine pushes mike pence on this issue. if he can push him to try to stand in for a running mate or if pence can rely on his own
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disclosures. >> kasie hunt, kelly o'donnell and kristen welker on the trail. thank you so much. now to the other major story today. hurricane matthew ripping through the caribbean, duagaini strength. it is on a projected path to bring the storm dangerously close to the east coast of the u.s. gabe gutierrez is in the thick of it all in port au prince, haiti. >> reporter: it made land fall as a category four storm with wins about 145 miles an hour throughout the day. here in port au prince we have seen steady rain but the winds are picking up. we have been getting rein squalls every few minutes. massive amounts of rain up to 40 inches forecast. that could trigger mud slides. the full extent of the damage will take a while before it is known. in the southwestern peninsula,
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the early reports of damage and potentially more fatalities. we heard of bridges washed away. the death toll remains at three. one fisherman was washed away yesterday. another is still missing. the concern is they expect the death toll to grow. the wind and rain is picking up here in haiti's capital. the fear is this could be a catastrophic hurricane for haiti. a country that's still struggling to recover six years after the massive earthquake. >> indeed. thanks, gabe. president obama has postponed his miami campaign event that was scheduled for monday -- for wednesday rather of this week because of the approaching storm. coming up, the latest forecast for the storm. . where it could threaten the u.s. mainland as it moves north. up next, general palmieri and the expectations game.
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with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. she can't remember her exit interview from the fbi because she said she had a concussion and lost her memory. well, i want to know how long, mrs. clinton, did you have this loss of memory. they didn't bother to look at the medical records to see if that was true. did she have that loss of memory for two days? three days, four days? i don't know. we get to two, three days we are talking about a really serious
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stroke. >> rudy giuliani this morning speculating about hillary clinton's health with absolutely no evidence. but these are his latest comments about hillary clinton. the clinton campaign's political director jen palmieri joins me now. >> this is the first i have seen of it. it's pathetic. that's what the former mayor of new york city has resorted to in trying to advocate for his candidate. i suppose it is all he had left. >> hillary clinton seems to be enjoying a moment certainly given what donald trump has been doing in the last week. yet at the same time she was in ohio. the new quinnipiac poll showed trump is up 47 to clinton's 42. gary johnson at 6. so ohio is now a really tough state for you. it always was. you spent a lot of time and money there. are you going to have to write
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it off? >> no. we are certainly not giving up on ohio. you will see her there. for a number of more visits. president clinton will be doing a bus tour. i'm sure you will see senator kaine there, too. we have the luxury of having a lot of paths to 20. a lot of things in play we are doing well in and if the election were today we would have more than 270. ohio will continue to be a priority. but we have a lot of other states that are equally, if not more important. >> donald trump last night embracing the tax issue saying it shows what a great businessman he is. he knows the tax system so is best equipped to close the loophole. >> he said he handled it brilliantly. i don't think secretary clinton said losing a billion dollars in a year sort of boggles the mind. i don't think people consider
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that to be the move of a genius or something brilliant. it shows what he's done his whole career is gaming the rigged system. now he's telling us he can fix it. it's not just -- we have seen over the last few weeks evidence stack up about how he always puts trump first when it comes to the economy. he's stiffing taxpayers. didn't pay taxes for as much as we believe it's two decades. leaves the bill to the rest of us. he doesn't pay contractors. he stiffs money he owes them. if you look at the tax policies know they are geared to helping the wealthiest and the middle class footing the bill for that as well. this is a pattern. this is what happens when you're in the final closing weeks, all of your vulnerabilities. what people need to know if terms of the policy and record they come to light. that's what this guy is about.
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he puts trump first. >> the goldman sachs speech transcripts, something bernie sanders went after her about. what about the transcripts of those speeches? >> hillary clinton has put forward more information about herself than i believe any presidential candidate in -- probably in history we can safely say. what the sort of charge, if you will was about speeches she gave was is she indebted to anyone. she's put forward an impressive wall street reform plan. more we can do. she's shown who she will be indebted to is voters not wall street. that's not what we have seen with trump. more over he hasn't met the basic standard when it comes to
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taxes. we have seen three pages that have shown that. he wrote off a billion dollars. we are interested to see what's in the rest of the 12,000 pages he says he has. >> president clinton was in michigan yesterday. another battleground state. in michigan yesterday, he criticized obamacare. he said it's hurting small businessmen. it's okay for peopl on medicare, medicaid. 25 million people have been enrolled. but the small business people are getting hurt. >> he was expressing the same view that not only hillary clinton has, but president obama would express as well which is that as much progress has been made with the affordable care act that there are still cost issues to be dealt with not just for small businesses but for individuals which is why she put forward -- hillary put forward additional policies, including public option that would make
9:19 am
the plan more competitive. give people more affordable options. as well as dealing with things like out of pocket costs. there is no doubt as president clinton said the affordable act has done us good. people would be prohibited care based on a pre-existing condition. if you are 26 you can't be on your parents plan plan. >> you have been here since saturday working with the tim kaine prep team. what's his particular challenge. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine prepped. they take things seriously and do their homework. we see the values for senator kaine which is the same as we saw last week. this is the opportunity to be in front of a big audience. we want people to see he has plans to make the economy work for everybody. not just in the top. that's our number one goal in the audiences. i think for governor pence, he'll be in a difficult
9:20 am
predicament. this is something you should expect senator kaine to push him on. is he going to defend all of the offensive things that donald trump has said or will he be protecting his own credibility for the future? that's what we'll see in the dynamics tonight. >> jen palmieri, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> donald trump is trying to make a virtue of the tax issue after the "new york times" revealed, of course, the billion dollar tax write-off in 1995. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone which is why i am one who can truly fix them. i understand it. i get it. that's what i commit to do. we want fairness. we want money brought in. we want money to be spent when it goes out. they spend our tax dollars so unfairly and unwisely. remember that. >> if trump knows so much about
9:21 am
the tax law how come he didn't propose closing the loophole. joining me is former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson, who was a close adviser to donald trump. thanks for being with us. what about the tax write-off and his plan to close the loophole. he hasn't suggested one. he's suggested to expand the loopholes for the real estate industry that would benefit himself. >> actually, he doesn't want to expand those. this presents a perfect opportunity to talk about the real problems that exist with the tax system. when i was running, one of the reasons i advocated a flat tax and removal of all deductions and loopholes is because it gives advantages to certain people. this is supposed to be a nation with liberty and justice for all. donald trump and i have talked about it. he recognizes that. a new tax plan is necessary. in order to get rid of all the
9:22 am
advantages. but what was done was taking advantage of a flawed system. he admits that. he's not trying to hide that fact. but it is a flawed system. it needs to be fixed. >> he didn't reveal it because it was revealed by the "new york times." he has not disclosed his tax returns as presidential nominees, major party nominees for at least 40 years have. why not have him put out all his taxes to show what loopholes he's taken advantage of, what his earnings have been, what his deductions have been, full transparency. >> probably for the same reason hillary clinton doesn't want people to know what she received for a speech. there are things people don't want out there. they create controversy. >> we are asking about that as you heard. me pressing on the issue.
9:23 am
but the point is she did put out 40 years of tax returns. she's put all of her income and earnings out there and charitable contributions for everyone to see. i want to ask you about the issue of ptsd and the veterans, our military community. donald trump stirred controversy with the way he discussed ptsd. i want to play that for you and the response from vice president biden. >> when you talk about mental health problems when people come back and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over. you're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it. they see horror stories. they see events you couldn't see in a movie. nobody would believe it. we need a mental health help and medical and it's one of the things that i think is least addressed. we are losing so many great
9:24 am
people that could be taken care of if they have proper care. >> he points out to the veterans community and says, you're strong, you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it. where in the hell is he from? i don't think he was trying to be mean. he's just so thoroughly, completely uninformed. >> dr. carcarson, as a physicia the criticism has been from the vice president and groups by describing the returning soldiers who suffer from ptsd as weak, not strong enough, you're stigmatizing them in a way that's unhealthy and hurts their recovery and their ability to function. and that it is exactly what medical professionals should said should not be done with the military heroes. >> and the politically correct
9:25 am
atmosphere in which we exist, you are never supposed to say somebody is weak. particularly a vulnerable group. he needs to learn that lesson, i guess, if he's going to function well in a politically correct atmosphere. basically he's saying that people are exposed to something, but only some are affected. it's when you are in an environment with a virus going around. some people have strong immunity. some people have less strong immunity. some people are affected and some are not. those affected aren't inferr individuals. it's just their system did not with stand it. that's what he's saying. he didn't explain it correctly. >> it does to the critics in the community and the veterans community suggest that people shouldn't seek help. that it's weak to seek help for these kinds of problems when it is completely understandable as you have expressed as a physician.
9:26 am
>> he does feel they should get help. he feels the help they are getting is inadequate. it's woefully inadequate. we really have to address what's going on with all of the veterans. ptsd is a significant problem. traumatic brain injury is a significant problem. we have simply ignored it and we need to deal with it in a serious manner. >> dr. carren so, thank you very much. i wanted your perspective on this precisely because you understand it well. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. >> just ahead, back to politics. the tipping point in the key battleground states support for the libertarian ticket could sway the race. gary johnson joins me next. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. the place for politics live from longwood university. boost it's about moving forward
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>> name one foreign leader you respect, look up to. anybody. >> shimon peres. >> living. go ahead. you've got to do this. anywhere, any continent. canada, mexico, europe. asia, south america, africa. name a foreign leader you respect. >> i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexi mexico. >> anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain freeze. >> name anybody. >> september was a tough month for libertarian candidate gary johnson. his third party candidacy could have an impact on who is elected. gary johnson joins me now. thank you very much for being with us and for being a good sport. you have heard it too many times. the chris matthews interview. what was going on there.
9:31 am
>> five days after the interview andrea, i still can't think of a world leader that i respect. i mean, having never been involved in politics before, i will tell you i held a lot of people in this country on pedestals thinking they were role models. i got to meet them up front and personal and found out they were empty suits. they weren't about issues. they weren't about doing what was best. they were about getting re-elected. when it comes to talking about a foreign leader you rmt, that you admire, i have a hard time with that one. that's politics. that's who i am. now i have to pick out a world leader and something will be wrong with them. now i have to defend them. maybe i think too much. >> by the same token you are running to be commander in chief. foreign policy. part of the portfolio. >> yeah.
9:32 am
you know what? the fact that somebody can dot the is and cross the ts then allows them to put our military in harm's way. you are talking about ptsd earlier. we put our military in the horrible situation where we go in and support regime change. they get involved in civil wars where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are in a cross fire. we are shooting at ourselves because we support both sides of conflicts. syria as an example. we wonder why our men in service and women suffer from ptsd in the first place. we elect people who can dot the is and cross the ts on names in geographic locations as opposed to the underlying philosophy which is let's stop getting involved in these regime changes. >> is there any level of engagement that would be justified? what would justify -- >> sure.
9:33 am
>> -- your taking action. what if aleppo were falling and worse genocide were taking place. would you intervene if you were president of the united states? >> if we are attacked we are going to attack back. afghanistan is a great example. i supported afghanistan. we were attacked. we attacked back. al qaeda. but in 2001 we went after al qaeda after seven months we defeated al qaeda. we didn't get osama bin laden. we could have lef our options open for getting osama bin laden but after having been in afghanistan for seven months we should have gotten out of afghanistan. we shall get -- should get out of afghanistan tomorrow. when we get involved in regime changes. syria, libya, iraq, there are unintended consequences. we go in because atrocities are being committed. genoci genocide. these are horrible situations. but i can't think of one example where we get involved where we
9:34 am
make that horrible situation any better. in most cases we make things worse. we are contributing to making the situation worse. >> it strikes me that you would need at least a working knowledge of the globe, of the geography and the leaders. >> yes. you should have a, woing knowledge. >> making intelligent decisions not to intervene. >> you should have a working knowledge of what is going on and what's going on are politicians that beat their chests that claim to know about what we should be doing as those who are knowledgeable. they put our servicemen and women in harm's way. they are getting maimed,
9:35 am
injured, psychologically damaged for life not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocent people in these countries getting killed. we are putting our military in a role that they don't want to be in. >> i know from experience from interviewing young people you have strong appeals on college campuses like this one and across the country. what if were to come to a point where you are polling around 6 or 7 in key battleground states. some of the states like ohio and north carolina are within the margin of error. what if it reaches the point where your candidacy determines who is president of the united states. are you comfortable with the third party question? are you comfortable if you end up -- >> andrea, andrea! >> -- end up electing donald trump. >> how about a poll head to head with me and donald trump. how about a poll head to head with me and hillary clinton. i'll bet that would really be
9:36 am
revealing. how about a poll with me on the top line. who will you vote for? johnson, trump or clinton? that would be revealing. the fact that i'm leading among independents. the fact that i'm leading among young people and i have come from nowhere to lead among young people. i'm leading among active military personnel. i'm really proud of the fact i'm giving people their first option. i'm really proud of the fact i'm giving people somebody to vote for as opposed to the lesser of two evils. how about voting for somebody who will tell the truth. somebody who is not a hypocrite. says one thing and does another. that would be me. >> gary johnson, a strong voice for the libertarian party. you've got a lot of support here in farmville. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you, andrea. >> coming up, more from farmville, virginia and the site of the vice presidential debate.
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i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? i would tell a child to aspire to be their best and to be president and seek to run for the presidency. absolutely. >> would you, again to the question, would you tell them to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> i think that certainly there are many role models that we have. i believe he can serve as president. so absolutely i would do that. >> republican senator kelly ayotte last night against democratic governor maggie hassen with remarks she quickly regretted as one of the few republican senators facing a tight re-election race she's
9:41 am
tried to walk a fine line saying she would vote for donald trump for president but would not endorse the candidacy. she walked back her comments releasing this statement on twitter. i misspoke tonight. while i would hope our children would aspire to be children neither donald trump nor hillary clinton are a good example of a role model for my kids. jeanne shaheen is a strong clinton supporter. that was quite a debate last night. i want to get your reaction. she's in a tough position not wanting to embrace donald trump and not wanting to run away from the nominee. >> i think, in fact, when you support someone you do endorse them. you have to ask her about her comments last night. the fact is i would not support someone to be president of the united states who i didn't feel is a role model for my
9:42 am
grandchildren. i feel very pleased and honored to be talking about my support for hillary clinton because of the effort she's made the commitment to public service. her work throughout her whole lifetime trying to help children and families. that's a model for my grand daughters. i want them to feel like public service is an honorable profession. be willing to put themselves out there. one of my proudest achievements as governor was getting the children's health insurance program. hillary clinton is one of the people who made it possible. i'm very happy to hold her up to my grand daughters. >> hillary clinton, we saw her with chelsea in pennsylvania. with women young and of all ages, a 15-year-old girl asked clinton about donald trump's body shaming comments about the former miss universe alicia
9:43 am
machado. this was clinton's response to the teenager. >> it's shocking when women are called names and judged on the basis solely on the basis of physical attributes. i think there are a couple of things we have to do. i am passionate about this, too. we know that young women begin to get influenced at earlier and earlier ages by messages from the media. forget your mind. forget your heart. care only about what you look like because that's all we care about. my opponent insulted miss universe. i mean, how do you get more acclaimed than that? >> yet at the same time there is a strong appeal for gary johnson. a strong appeal of the trump supporters not moved so far in those we have talked to
9:44 am
anecdotally by the tax issue. to paraphrase what hillary clinton said a week ago, why shnt she 50 points ahead? this is close. they are all within the margin of error. >> it is a close race. i think voters are still angry. they are angry about their futures and the anxiety they feel about their futures. that's why i point out that hillary clinton is the only candidate in the race that has a plan for creating jobs, investing in our infrastructure which creates good jobs supporting new energy, new technologies. what do we hear from donald trump? he bet on the housing crisis. he bet on failure. so many millions of americans were hurt as the result of that financial melt down that resulted. so there is a real choice here between the two of them and my visions for the country. i think young people will look seriously at the candidates'
9:45 am
records including gary johnson. i heard a little bit of the previous intervie i thought that demonstrated why he's not somebody who should be president. i remember in 2000 when rafflph nader swayed the election for george w. bush. we got the invasion of iraq, tax cuts that increased the disparity between the top wage earners and working americans. so only one of two people will be president in this race. donald trump or hillary clinton. to the extent people vote for gary johnson it affects the race in a way that means their vote doesn't make much difference. >> we should point out in the latest wbaur poll for new hampshire that race, he's at 13%. gary johnson is doing well indeed. hillary clinton has a healthy
9:46 am
lead there. gary johnson and jill stein is polling at 4%. we'll leave it there. thank you very much senator shaheen from manchester. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, bracing for hurricane matthew. an updated storm track as the powerful hurricane could take aim at the east coast of the u.s. ahead on andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it, i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it thanks to chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your
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hurricane matthew, the atlantic's most powerful hero hurricane in a decade is on track to slam the east coast of the u.s. this week. the governors from florida and north carolina have issued states of emergency. president obama cancelled a trip to florida on wednesday. with the latest forecast. what can you tell us about the speed, direction and different models and what you are seeing? >> it is ominous now. it is more likely we'll see land fall later this week.
9:50 am
particularly with a major hurricane. you can see hasn't weakened much after making land fall in haiti. another landfall in cuba with winds at 140 miles per hour. it is a major a category four. now we have the first hurricane watches in florida. a sign that the track has been trending farther west run by run. even miami under a tropical storm watch. the hurricane watch extending into north florida. we'll see the watches expand. here is the track into the bahamas by thursday morning. lots of storm surge problems there as a category three storm. paralleling the coast. just maybe 50 to 100 miles off miami to jacksonville. there is land fall around the carolina coastline. it could be as a major hurricane. potentially devastating there. maybe affecting portions of the midatlantic and northeast. we'll see how far up the coast it makes it maybe up to the new york area by saturday and sunday.
9:51 am
hopefully we'll take a turn out to sea. we'll take it day by day. >> thank you so much. coming up, tim kaine and mike pence, both vying to win over millennial voters. two longwood university students talk about what they want to hear coming up on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics. an opening night on broadway is kind of magic. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... .essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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my name is ava. i'm captain of my middle school debate team. we did a debate of trump versus hillary. i defended hillary and we won the debate, hillary. >> thanks for winning the deb e debate. that makes us 2-0. >> hillary clinton just now out in haverford, pennsylvania with a young student. i am here with older students.
9:55 am
i've got kristy tag and jeffrey goodwin from longwood. a trump supporter, college republicans. >> yes, ma'am. >> democrat, hillary clinton supporter. >> yes. >> you're a political science major. you're a business mayer jo. kristy, your aspirations and what does hillary clinton tell you -- you know. what does she mean the to you in terms of your support? why not gary johnson or donald trump? >> hillary clinton is working to make higher education affordable. she promises free tuition for every household who makes less than $125,000 a year. as a college student who has to deal with loans and jobs after school, being debt-free would make life easier. >> your aspirations? >> my aspirations are to work in foreign policy, hopefully with either the central intelligence agency or the state department. >> jeffrey? you're a college republican? >> yes, ma'am. >> tell me about donald trump. some of the things he's said recently have been controversial. does that cause concern or are
9:56 am
you a strong supporter? >> i'm sure it causes everyone concern. i support my candidate 100%. i believe he can do things for this country that other candidates wouldn't be able to do. i support that. >> is it because of his business expenses? does the tax write-off cause you a problem? >> every business has different ventures. i'm sure there were sketchy things going on with both sides of the story. >> what do you hope to do when you graduate? >> i hope to be a career firefighter and retire into being a state trooper here in virginia. >> wonderful for both of you. thanks for hosting us. we love being here at longwood. >> we love having you. amazing. >> we are excited to see the debate tonight. thank you kristy and jeff. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports" on this beautiful campus of longwood university in farmwood virginia. before taking his team to state for the first time...
9:57 am
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and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow us online on facebook and twitter @mitchell reports. hallie jackson is next on msnbc. hallie? >> andrea, thank you. i am in front of this hyped up crowd at longwood university in farmville, virginia. tons of anticipation, guys, for this debate coming up tonight. vice presidential candidates, the first and only time we'll see mike pence and tim kaine face off. everybody has a pick for a candidate. lots going on as they prepare for the big night. donald trump, by the way, is out holding an energy roundtable in denver. after that he'll head to a rally in arizona later this afternoon. as the democrats run a full court press. four top


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